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Mushroom X Blend


  • PREMIUM 10 MUSHROOM BLEND – 912 Organics Mushroom X Blend combines 10 of nature’s best mushrooms for your overall health. Featuring Reishi, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, Maitake, Turkey Tail, Meshima, Tremella, Poria Cocos, and Black Fungus in 100% powder form making it easy to consume. Our premium mushroom supplement blend contains 2000mg per serving. Simply take 1 teaspoon per day and enjoy all the benefits these 10 mushrooms provide.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT – The best disease-fighting medicinal mushroom supplements from 912 Organics are exactly what you need for your active and busy lifestyle. Packed with highly essential vitamins and nutrients that help promote healthy cell function, boost your defense against a variety of health ailments, assist your body fight against free radicals and toxins and used for liver health cleanse applications, this a must have for anyone that wants to maintain their health.
  • BRAIN | MEMORY | FOCUS SUPPLEMENT – Professionals, Athletes, Workers, and individuals will appreciate the role medicinal mushrooms play to improve cognitive functions, memory and focus making it the ideal supplement to boost the performance of your brain.
  • SUPPORTS ENERGY AND REDUCES STRESS: 912 Organics Premium X Blend Mushroom Supplement contains a unique blend of specifically selected mushrooms which can help you adapt to mental, physical, and environmental stress factors and support natural mental and physical energy production.
  • BENEFITS OF MAX STRENGTH – Our premium quality Mushroom X Blend powder consists of 2000mg of Mushrooms per serving taken once a day. Our formula contains no added artificial colouring, artificial flavours, yeast, corn, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, salt, sodium, sugar, gluten starch, wheat fillers or mycelium. Vegan, Gluten Free and Keto friendly 100% Australian owned and operated.


Discover the Power of each of the 10 Mushroom varieties

Lions Mane

Enhanced Memory And Brain Function

Of course, the biggest draw for Lion’s Mane supplementation is made for its nootropic effects. Lion’s Mane have been scientifically proven to boost cognition which includes enhanced memory as well as recall. It may also help with maintaining focus and attention – something practically everyone can usually benefit from. By increasing a person’s capability to place focus on work or study, individuals will find themselves increasingly successful within the school or workplace. Lion’s Mane is really a natural supplement which enhances all round brain function.



Anti- tumor Activity

Cancer is the second main cause of disease-related mortality throughout the world. However, related therapy strategies are still limited to surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Due to the limitations of surgery and radiotherapy and the side effects of chemotherapy, there is increasing interest in developing antitumor drugs from natural products. Research have shown that cordyceps has antitumor activity in various cancers through several pathways. Both natural and cultured cordyceps have demonstrated antitumor effects.


Suppresses Cancer Progression

Chaga mushroom is used as a folk medicine for the treatment of cancer. Due to the presence of two chemicals called betulinic acid and ergosterol peroxide, the mushroom can prevent the multiplication of human cancer cells and therefore check the progression of cancer. Thus, chaga mushrooms can be included in cancer treatments as an effective food supplement.


Boosts Immune System

Maitake mushrooms consists of good amount of polysaccharide fiber known as beta glucan which works to activate and increase creation of particular defense mechanisms cells like macrophages, T-cells, natural killer cells, and neutrophils. These types of cells might help the immune system to work more rapidly as well as efficiently combat illness. This could enhance your resistant against sickness as well as disease, strengthen your body remove cellular wastes, and accelerate recovery from tissue damage.

Turkey tail

Prevents and Treats the Common Cold and Flu

Turkey tail mushroom has long been known to stave off any infection, including those related with the common cold or flu. It helps your immune system become more resilient against ill-causing germs. When flu season approaches, you may want to include turkey tail as a supplement in your dietary routine. The turkey tail mushroom has been shown to modulate the immune system, helping fight infections, illness and diseases.


Powerful Antibacterial Agent

Mesima Mushrooms are a powerful antibacterial agent that help kill E. Coli and Staph infections and even antibiotic-resistant infections. Mesima Mushrooms increase the production of white blood cells, T cells and B cells that combat invaders


Healthy Skin

With a gelatinous structure and high amounts of polysaccharides, Snow Fungus has been hitting the headlines in cutting edge skincare due to its surprising ability to boost skin hydration. The Snow Mushroom also has the ability to generate a flexible hydration film that helps to restore dry skin to its optimally hydrated state. This helps to restore elasticity, and with over 18 amino acids, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Snow Fungus helps to accelerate wound healing, aids in collagen production for plumper skin and boosts overall skin health.

Poria Cocos

Alzheimer’s Disease

Preliminary research suggests that Poria mushrooms may help fight Alzheimer’s disease. According to a 2009 study in the German journal Die Pharmazie, water-based P. coco extract appeared to reduce the oxidative stress on biopsied brain cells obtained from rats.

The study’s authors suggested that P. cocos may help shield the brain from the toxic effects of beta-amyloid, a substance associated with the formation the brain plaques in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Despite the positive finding, there has been no evidence of this occurring outside of the test tube.

Black Fungis

Liver Health

Protects the liver Black fungus is known to protect the liver from certain harmful substances. According to a study, mixing black fungus powder with water helped reverse and protect the liver from damage caused by an overdose of acetaminophen, the chemical used to treat fever and pain [5] .

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