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Life Cykel Black Winter Truffle Salt

Life Cykel Black Winter Truffle Salt


Our Truffle Salt is made from 100% Australian sea salt in a coarse grain with flakes of Black Winter Truffle throughout. A great addition to any dish.

Now you can easily add the smoky flavours of the Black Winter Truffle to any of your dishes.

This is the perfect seasoning for fungi fanatics!

100% Australian sourced ingredients.

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Introducing Life Cykel’s Australian Black Winter Truffle Salt

The Black Winter Truffle is known for its unmistakable deep, rich and earthy aroma. It is said to have a distinct savoury and sweet flavour with notes of hazelnuts, mint and forest mushrooms running through.

The Black Winter Truffle is a fruiting body from the fungus Tuber melanosporum that has become extremely popular and highly regarded in the culinary world.

Fresh truffle is incredibly expensive. Therefore we have made the delectable flavour accessible to you with our Black Winter Truffle Salt.

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